West Northfield Elementary School & CSI - Continuous School Improvement Plan for 2013-14

6 Victoria Acres Drive, West Northfield, Nova Scotia, Canada B4V 5C7 phone- 902-541-8220 fax-902-541-8221 e-mail: wnes@ssrsb.ca School Facts West Northfield Elementary School is located in the community of West Northfield, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada. The school itself is a relatively new building (opened in 1992). The present school replaced a school built in 1962. The school was built by Trident Construction Co. Ltd. (Architect - Paul Ledaire). The Minister of Education at the time (the Honourable Guy J. Leblanc) opened the school. Our School has beautiful grounds. In the front of our building we have fruitful gardens - rewarding us with produce used in our cafeteria and in our breakfast program. Our most recent addition has been our high bush blueberry trees. Flowers, tended by family members, line our front entrance. We have three very active playgrounds. Grade P-2 students enjoy the smaller equipment, and recently received a new double slide.  Grades 3-6 students can be seen climbing on structures, swinging on swings, engaged in grueling soccer matches, playing beach volleyball on our outdoor court, or shooting some hoops on the basketball court. Large windows in our classrooms afford a view of our surrounding green space. Ah, the trees! Our school serves approximately 133 students from Grades Primary to Grade Six. In addition to regular school events, West Northfield Elementary is also used by a variety of community groups. These include the Twirlettes majorette group, the Dynamo gymnastics group, as well as other community groups. Parents play a major role in the enhancement of our school life. Volunteers can be found helping in our breakfast program, in our classrooms and in our cafeteria. Our WNES Parent Teacher Association and School Advisory Council are very active and supportive. In our school there are seven active classrooms, an office, resource rooms, a multi-purpose room, a library, a cafeteria, a Music room and a good-sized gym. Students at West Northfield have lots of opportunity to get involved in sports such as soccer and basketball, as well as many clubs such as: - Peer Mediation: Peer Mediation is a conflict resolution program that is in place on the Primary to Grade Two playground. Older elementary students receive training on how to help other students resolve minor conflicts. This training includes instruction and practice in problem-solving, decision-making, listening skills, and specific conflict resolution skills. The student peer mediation team assists younger students who are having minor conflicts with other students. The Peer Mediators work in pairs to help the younger students talk through their problems and reach a win/win solution, using a “Five Step Mediation Process”. The student mediators can be identified on the playground by their yellow and blue “PM” armbands and work under indirect adult supervision after they have been trained. - Art Club - Triple C Club - Chess, Cards and Checkers - Leggo Club - Drama Club - Choir.  At West Northfield Elementary, we are On Track for Learning! Students learn about expected behaviors in the various school environments, and are very good at staying on track. We celebrate the behavior of students from each class at our end of the month Assemblies.